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Paraffin Wax Removal Solutions for Oil Well Servicing and Maintenance

ParaSolve Canada Inc. is the industries leading provider of paraffin wax removal and asphaltene removal services.  Our well maintenance service is an all-inclusive program and removes approximately 350 to 600 kilograms of wax and asphaltenes per year from each well (tubing, rods and flow lines) at a fixed price.  Paraffin Wax removal services can increase production and supply as well as eliminate maintenance downtime.  Safety of employees is protected when using ParaSolve paraffin wax removal services because it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

This non-disruptive oil field service allows pumping to continue as service proceeds, eliminating any production downtime.  Build-up that was previously restricting pump flow, causing pump failures and parted rods, is permanently encapsulated into a flowable state that mixes and processes with the oil stream.

Environmentally Friendly Paraffin Wax Removal Products Do Work!


For a natural based product that is environmentally friendly to actually work, in difficult well situations, is a welcome addition to the oil field industry.  The service and product from Parasolve Canada Ltd. is highly recommended.

paraffin wax removal products

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paraffin wax removal products

ParaSolve Canada is a member of ISNParaSolve Canada is registered with ComplyWorks

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