Who is ParaSolve Canada?

ParaSolve Canada is an oil field service company with a primary focus of oil well servicing and oil flow optimization.

What does ParaSolve Canada do?

ParaSolve Canada is reinventing the wheel with its patented formula of paraffin wax and asphaltene removal.  Compared to hot oil, knifing and chemical treatments, ParaSolve Canada uses  all-natural, plant based ingredients that are biodegradable and more cost effective.

Why is Oil Well Servicing and Oil Flow Optimization needed?

Costly flow blockages in oil production are primarily due to the deposition of heavy organics from petroleum fluids. These heavy organics, such as paraffin and asphaltenes, exist in all crude oil products in various quantities and forms. Paraffin and asphaltenes precipitate or crystallize into solids when temperature or pressure drops in the oil production process.These heavy solids stick to the walls of tubulars and to reservoir surfaces, causing a barrier to the flow of oil. These heavy organics, in many instances, move from the well tubing to flow lines and to production separators, pumps, strainers and other fluid-handling equipment, creating further operational problems. In many cases, oil wells are completely shut down after being plugged by these heavy materials, As a result of these solids blocking the flow of oil, production volume is greatly reduced and expensive operational problems are experienced. The buildup of paraffin and asphaltene in oil wells is a problem in the oil industry, Paraffin and asphaltene as well as other impurities accumulate on the walls of the pipes which are used to bring the oil up from underground deposits. lf not removed, these accumulations will eventually build up to the point that the flow of oil is significantly reduced and the well may become inoperable.

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oil well service jobsoil field service company