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ParaSolve Canada’s non-intrusive oil well servicing services are designed to treat oil and gas wells without inhibiting production during the treatment process.  These bio-based treatments are environmentally friendly and can be used on all process equipment, including flow lines.  Parasolve Canada Inc. alters the molecular structure of paraffin with dramatic results as the existing paraffin is suspended and molecularly re-structured so it will not precipitate out in the flow line and can be sold in the pipeline as a sell-able product with a high BTU value.  The more asphaltene / paraffin build up in a well the more pressure is required to achieve the same flow that the well would produce without asphaltene / paraffin build up.  An uneven deposit of 5% will result in an increase of pressure to 140% in order to achieve the same flow rate.

No DepositSmooth Deposit (5%)Rough Deposit (5%)
Loss of throughputNIL10%35%
Required pressure increase to maintain constant flowNIL30%140%

Oil Well Servicing – Cost Benefits:

ParaSolve Canada Inc. can save you money.  We are one of the most cost effective in the industry today and can be used on most process equipment.  While other methods of servicing oil wells utilize products that are poisonous, caustic, carcinogenic, flammable or otherwise dangerous to the handler and the environment.

Regular service by ParaSolve typically prevents wells from seizing up solid with wax.  This reduces the need for service rigs and hot oil units, as well as the accompanying increase in lifting costs.

  • ParaSolve Canada’s oil well servicing will eliminate costly chemical programs
  • No production loss during well servicing
  • Parasolve Canada treatment service will help rdeuce the risk of parted rods
  • Power usage will be noticebly reduced on a mechanical lift system
  • When putting wells on a ParaSolve Canada service program, dramatic drop in rig service costs overall

Oil Well Servicing – Service Benefits:


  • Less energy required to pump the same amount resulting in lower lifting costs
  • Eliminate costly services including: hot oiling, wire lining, knifing, and chemical batching
  • Minimize pigging programs
  • Increased production
  • Less maintenance
  • Decreased risk of parting rods
  • Environmentally safe, no hazards to the workers or the environment
  • In-house analysis and testing
  • Year round oil well service programs
  • Can be used on HTPE and fiberglass flow lines
  • No production loss during service
  • Products are oil soluble and water dispersible



Utilizing Parasolve Canada’s oil well servicing program prevents and decreases build up, prevents corrosion while lowering lifting costs and eliminates pigging programs.  This results in a cost effective solution to paraffin and asphaltene build up.

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