We have been using ParaSolve exclusively for all of our wax / paraffin treating problems ever since we tried product on an extremely difficult well in the Redwater area. The pumping oil well was treated with a treating product from a competitor, left to sit overnight and a flushby unit rigged in the next day. The rod string was to be pulled but after 10 rods the wax build-up was too much to continue. The well was treated with a condensate / chemical blend and left to sit overnight again. The next day the rod string was pulled, but after 25 rods the wax build up was again too much to continue. The string was run back in again. The next day we treated the well with 1.5m3 of ParaSolve product and pulled the rod string after treatment without noticing any wax on the string or BHP. We have been pre-treating the rods and tubing before any pump changes with ParaSolve with the same outstanding results. A second problem well where we couldn’t run coil tubing in a tubing string was cleaned up and the coil run in without any of the previous friction problems. For a natural based product that is environmentally friendly to actually work in these difficult well situations is a welcome addition to the industry. I highly recommend the service and product supplied by ParaSolve.”